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Welcome to A's Creations, your one-stop destination for crafting unforgettable birthday experiences tailored to your every desire. As a premier event planning organization, we specialize in curating a diverse range of birthday celebrations that suit every age, theme, and style. From whimsical and enchanting children's parties to sophisticated and elegant milestone events, A's Creations is dedicated to transforming your vision into reality. Our team of expert planners meticulously attends to every detail, from conceptualizing themes and coordinating decorations to organizing entertainment and ensuring seamless execution. Whether you dream of a lavish soirée or an intimate gathering, A's Creations is here to turn your birthday aspirations into a seamless and joyous reality. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for creating lasting memories, we take pride in orchestrating celebrations that reflect your unique personality and leave a lasting impression on all who attend. Let A's Creations be the architect of your next birthday extravaganza, ensuring that your special day is nothing short of extraordinary.



Step into the enchanting world of matrimonial bliss with A's Creations, your dedicated partner in crafting exquisite weddings and engagement ceremonies. As a leading event planning organization, we specialize in curating love stories into beautifully orchestrated celebrations. Whether you envision a grandiose and opulent affair or an intimate and romantic gathering, A's Creations brings a wealth of experience and creativity to make your dreams a reality. Our team of skilled Planners and Vendors is committed to translating your unique love story into every element of the celebration – from elegant décor and breathtaking venues to seamlessly coordinated ceremonies. With an unwavering attention to detail, we ensure that each wedding or engagement event is a reflection of your individual style and cultural traditions. From the first spark of an engagement to the culmination of the wedding vows, A's Creations is there every step of the way, making the journey towards your union as magical and stress-free as possible. Let us be the architects of your love story, turning your special moments into timeless, cherished memories that will be etched in your hearts forever.



"A's Creations navigates the diverse tapestry of human experiences, seamlessly transitioning between the grandeur of weddings, the spontaneity of street photography, and the intimate moments of personal celebrations. Their portfolio is a testament to a deep understanding of various photography styles, from the carefully choreographed elegance of formal events to the raw authenticity of candid shots that unveil the beauty in everyday life. Armed with technical expertise and a creative flair, A's Creations transforms fleeting moments into timeless treasures, ensuring that every photograph tells a unique and compelling story. In a world where visual narratives are as diverse as the subjects they capture, A's Creations stands as a maestro, orchestrating a symphony of images that resonate with emotion and speak to the heart of the human experience."



"A's Creations, a dynamic and versatile events coverage agency that seamlessly bridges the gap between the intimate gatherings of home and the grandeur of corporate affairs. With a commitment to capturing the essence of every occasion, A's Creations specializes in a wide spectrum of events, ranging from cozy house gatherings to large-scale corporate functions. Their team of skilled photographers possesses the unique ability to adapt to diverse settings, ensuring that each event, regardless of size, is documented with precision and creativity. Whether it's the warmth of a family celebration or the strategic dynamics of a corporate event"



A’s Creations was established in 2016.

We are a full-production event company that plans, coordinates, and designs for individuals and businesses/organizations in Monterey County, including the surrounding areas. Since that time, our portfolio of services has increased to include an extensive inventory of props, decoration rentals, and memorable photography. The reason why customers should hire us is because we have worked with hundreds of clients who were all satisfied with our service. We are full of resources to solve all sorts of problems to get the job done in a timely manner and give an exceptional service that the client paid for. We help clients worry-free and eliminate anxiety that may come along the way in creating small or large visions into a reality.

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What Customers Are Saying About A's Creations

A’s Creations has been decorating and coordinating our daughter’s birthday party for 3 straight years and every year it gets better and better.  She has also done a Gender Reveal for us, a Welcome Home and just recently, our son’s 1st Birthday.

We hire her because we trust that she will make every event a truly special one.

So next time you plan a party, remember AS Creations can do it all for you.  She will make your vision a reality plus a lot more.

The Salvador Family

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